At Tartas y Pinceles (from Spanish: “Cakes and Paintbrushes”) we specialize in creating unique, hand-painted cakes. I have always had a passion for baking, and though I never took my creative side seriously, I did take painting classes all through junior high school and high school. I have a scientific background in Biology and Veterinary Medicine, and as unrelated to baking as it may seem, this knowledge helps me in the creation of the perfect cake.

First of all, baking is science, and I love experimenting. I have studied the chemistry that makes the magic happen. It’s all about proteins, emulsions, chemical reactions which release gas and trapping air bubbles. An important part of the Veterinary curriculum is Food Technology and Hygiene. This has led me to understand the processes that bring a perfect cake into reality. And of course, I will make sure that nobody dies of Salmonellosis.*

I have studied Sugarcraft and cake-painting techniques in the UK and The Netherlands. The craft and skills of masters such as Zoe Clark, Patricia Arrib√°lzaga, Natasha Collins, Kelvin Chua and Peggy Porschen inspire me. For the actual art on the cakes I take my inspiration from nature, illustration, textures, travels and the world around me. I believe that a cake that is beautiful and delicious can create memories that will last forever. I am constantly practising my baking and painting skills. You will often find me in the kitchen, doodling in my sketches notebook or taking scraps and cutouts which I will then develop in a design. We use only the best quality ingredients, and when possible, biologic / organic products are chosen. We also offer gluten-free and vegan alternatives, if requested. I hope you will let me create a cake for any of your special occasions, be it a birthday party, baby shower, company celebration, wedding or just for the fun of it.

*We follow HACCP procedures and Hygiene Codes as indicated by the nVWA

Photography by Erika Gallegos.